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TES/PROVA Instrument Product : Product Detail.
หมวดสินค้าที่เกี่ยวข้อง > ทีวี, ตู้เย็น, เครื่องเสียง เครื่องใช้ไฟฟ้า
TES/PROVA Instrument Product
Price: $62.47
Special: $31.22
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Thermo Anemometer

  • Sensitive for low/high air velocity
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 0.3~45m/s range


CM-01 DC/AC Clamp Meter

DC/AC Clamp Meter

  • High Resolution DC/AC 10mA
  • 23 mm Large Jaw Diameter
  • One Touch Zero for DCA adjustment
  • CM-03 Leakage Current Tester

    Leakage Current Tester

  • 10 m A Ultra High Resolution
  • Large Conductor Diameter (30mm)
  • ACA 5 Ranges (40mA, 400mA, 4A, 40A, 100A)
  • PROVA-123 Multifunction Calibrator

    PROVA-123 Multifunction Calibrator

    • 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA with 1 mA Resolution
    • 0-100mV with 10 m V resolution
    • 0-12V with 1mV Resolution
    • Thermocouple K, J, E, T TYPE 1℃ and 1℉ Resolution
    • Frequency 2 - 50,000Hz


    TES-1500 Capacitance Meter

    TES-1500 Capacitance Meter

  • 0.5% Accuracy
  • Overload Fuse protection
  • Test Clips/Direct insert jack for easy measurement

    TES-3010/3012 Prof. Clamp Meter

    TES-3010/3012 Prof. Clamp Meter

  • ACA: 20A, 200A, 600A
  • Continuity Buzzer
  • Unit & Sign Display

    TES-3082 True RMS Clamp Meter

    TES-3082 True RMS Clamp Meter

  • Auto-Ranging Frequency measurements
  • Auto ZERO mode
  • Data Hold mode
  • PEAK Hold mode
  • True RMS Reading
  • TES-1700 Earth Resistance Tester

    TES-1700 Earth Resistance Tester

  • Capable of measuring earth voltage.
  • Data hold , MAX / MIN function.
  • Auto power off function:
    The timer operates automatically about
    3 minutes when the " Test Button Switch "
    are pressed to keep the tester power on.
  • Automatic warning when resistance of auxiliary
    earth. Spikes is in excess of tolerance.
  • * Note: TES/PROVA Instrument Product
    Last updated: Saturday, 19 Jul 2008, 08:39:41
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